'Frozen Endurance' is an endeavour to document one of the toughest races in the world. Taking place in one of the harshest environments on earth, not only is this race the ultimate challenge to the competing athletes but will pose a difficult and exciting challenge to our film crew. In this extreme environment we aim to achieve high quality film footage, including aerial shots made by our Aerialtronics, Arctic Drone which has been made to our specifications. We will demand a lot from our filming equipment! Everyday filming gear, batteries and other electronics are not designed to operate in these extreme conditions. Our kit living up to our demands is the key to this documentary being successful. If our gear does not survive this test of endurance, we will be freezing our fingers off for nothing.

Our film equipment must be able to withstand and continue to be operational under extreme cold, wet and windy conditions, temperatures often dropping to minus 40C . Our equipment also needs to be lightweight, with no roads to access the race route, the film crew will also be pulling their own sleds and carrying all equipment for the duration of the race, space and weight is a priority. There is currently no camera equipment on the market suitable for this mission, therefore we are currently modifying our gear to meet our needs. Some answers to our dilemmas will be simple such as pulling a sock over the camera to keep it warm, however the majority of our challenges will require a 'high tech' solution. We are lucky to have on board a team of technical brains to help us solve these challenges!
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Main camera : Sony FS700, Super 35mm
Why the FS700 : Low light performance, super slow-mo ability, XLR audio, lightweight, budget and we love Sony
Needs modification : Simple neoprene suit will be fine. Needs more testing.
Challenges : Keeping the batteries alive, the screen, plastic body, keeping the sensor clean when changing lenses.
Lenses : 18-200mm kittens, Canon 24-70mm F2.8, Canon 70-200mm F2.8, Metabones adapater, 2x extender
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Other gear we 'must' carry :

How do we operate

We operate in full self sufficient duo or solo actions. Because of the remoteness of the Alaska area this project will be a logistic nightmare…uhhh…challenge. We want to follow the competitors as close as possible but being adventurers ourself, we know when distance, discretion and silence is required.

How do we travel?

  • On foot, pulling our gear in a sled
  • By snow scooter (hopefully our own)
  • Bush-plane


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