Frozen Endurance is a full FrostnipFilms production. The name Frostnip derives from our love of Arctic expeditions. Frostnip is a condition where your skin freezes, causing a sensational tingling feeling. Our mission is to create film productions giving the viewer that same tingling sensation.

FrostnipFilms is owned by Wilco van den Akker. As an adventurer, he regularly takes solo expeditions on foot over ice, through jungles and deserts. As a keynote speaker, Wilco is connected to several speakers bureaus and performed in various Dutch national media events, including the popular live television show Pauw & Witteman.
frozen endurance
In the past Wilco worked as an instructor at the Green baret, Special Operations troops but above all, Wilco knows first hand how a race like the trail invitational can be a life changing experience. In 2006 he won the race to Nome on foot in 26 days, 10 hours and 4 minutes.

In 2014 Wilco will work as a full self-supporting single man filmcrew during the Frozen Endurance project.
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